Anasztaizia was the daughter of Manoj, the leader of a large Tsingani kumpania, and the mother of Hyacinthe. Prior to the events of Kushiel's Dart, she was cast out by her people for having lost her virtue by being raped by a D'Angeline. Her cousin Czavin was indebted to Bryony House and offered up his sister in payment to be raped by their patron who had a desire to seduce a Tsingani woman. Hyacinthe was the result of her rape. After being cast out, Anasztaizia made her living in part by using the dromonde to tell others' fortunes. She taught this gift to Hyacinthe, even though it is forbidden in Tsingani culture for men to speak the dromonde. Phèdre has witnessed Anasztaizia speak the dromonde to her twice and correctly predict or comment upon events of the future. Once, she told "do not discount the Cullach Gorrym," refering to the Black Boar of Alba but having no knowledge of it. Another time she told Phèdre she would rue the day she learned of Anafiel Delaunay's history.


  1. Kushiel's Dart, "Chapter 4" — After all, Hyacinthe's mother took in washing and told fortunes for rabble far worse