I gazed at the statue of Azza upon the altar as we waited. The same face echoed in a dozen masks about us gazed forth above the altar, proud and beautiful in its disdain. Azza held one hand open, palm upwards; in the other, he held a sextant, for that was his gift to mankind. Knowledge, forbidden knowledge, to navigate the world that was.
Phèdre's narration, Kushiel's Dart[3]

Azza is one of Elua's Companions. He gave Terre d'Ange his knowledge of navigation.

He founded the province Azzalle on the north coast of Terre d'Ange. Priests and priestesses of Azza wear saffron tunics and crimson cloaks fastened with bronze broaches. They also wear bronze masks so they might sublimate their individual pride before Azza's.

The temple of Azza in the City of Elua has a copper dome that may be seen from many parts of the City. The statue of Azza holds one hand open, palm upward, and the other holds a sextant. Incense is commonly burned as a form of worship.

Baudoin de Trevalion came dressed as Azza on the same Longest Night when he was the Sun Prince.

Characters associated with AzzaEdit

House Trevalion is the ruling family in Azzalle.


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