The Battle of Three PrincesPrince Rolande de la Courcel, Prince Benedicte de la Courcel, and Percy de Somerville—took place during the reign of King Ganelon de la Courcel in a mountain pass in Camlach on the Skaldi border. Anafiel Delaunay fought alongside Rolande. The three princes shared command of the armies with Rolande commanding the vanguard and Benedicte and Percy commanding either flank. The armies of Terre d'Ange were to charge on horseback quickly engage the Skaldi fighters they encountered, and retreat three times, hoping the Skaldi forces, who were on foot, would retreat.

During the third charge, the horse of Rolande's standard-bearer broke it's foot, causing Rolande's men to hesitate, thus Rolande charged into the Skaldi forces alone and was killed. When Anafiel realized what was happening, he rode to Rolande's defense and others followed. Though Terre d'Ange won the battle, Rolande died.