Caerdicca Unitas is a collection of allied city-states on the Apennine Penisula and is akin to medieval Italy. It shares borders with Terre d'Ange, Skaldia, and Illyria.

Caerdicci City-StatesEdit

La SerenissmaEdit

La Serenissima is the equivalent of Venice. It is ruled by the Doge Cesare Stregazza and the Stregazza family. Courcel also has a presence in the form of the Little Court.

The people worship Asherat-of-the-Sea, a goddess of water, who is considered to be the wife of the Doge.

Phèdre nó Delaunay de Montrève traveled to la Serenissma in Kushiel's Chosen.


Tiberium is the equivalent of Rome and is home to the University of Tiberium, which draws its students from as far away as Alba. The Carthagianian empire was defeated at Tiberium. Tiberium itself once commanded an empire after the downfall of Carthage.

Imriel studies in Tiberium in Kushiel's Scion.


Lucca is walled city in the north. It is known for having great trees grow from the tops of its walls. Though an impressive site, the tree roots weaken the walls.

Imriel travels here in Kushiel's Scion and fights to defend the city.


The equivalent of Milan. Waldemar Selig attempted to marry the daughter of the Duc of Milazza to form an alliance, but his offer was rejected.


Pavento was one of the city-states of Caerdicca Unitas. It was ruled by the Principe Gregorio Livinius.


Near Lucca. The Duke of Valpetra attacked Lucca in Kushiel's Scion

Notable Caerdicci CharactersEdit

The Stregazza family—ruling family in La Serenissima.

Gallus Tadius—leader of the Red Scourge, a historic army defending Lucca. Possessed Lucius Tadius.

Lucius Tadius da Lucca—student at the University of Tiberium, friend of Imriel, and grandson of Gallus Tadius.

Claudia Tadia Fulvia—sister of Lucius. Member of the Unseen Guild. Seduces Imriel and teaches him the art of covertcy.