Camael is one of Elua's Companions. Camael is known for being martial and founded Terre d'Ange's first armies. He founded the territory Camlach along the border with Skaldia in the north east of Terre d'Ange. His priests wear dark green vestments and carry a sword. His symbol is a flaming sword. This became the symbol of the province of Camlach and was later adopted by the Allies of Camlach.

The Unforgiven believe that they lost their honor in Camael's eyes when they let the Skaldi in the passes. They seek redemption for this.

Characters associated with CamaelEdit

House Aiglemort is the ruling family in Camlach.

Allies of Camlach- An organization of Camaelines formed by Isidore d'Aiglemort. Their symbol was a flaming sword on black.

The Unforgiven- Name used by members of the Allies of Camlach who survived the Skaldi invasion. They swore to forever guard the Skaldi border in atonement for letting them in during the invasion. They are also known as the Black Shields because all of their shields are black.


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