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To the east, bordering the Skaldic territories, lies the long, narrow province of Camlach, where martial Camael made his home and founded the first armies of those bright, fierce D' Angeline troops who have for so long defended the nation from invasion.
Phèdre's narration, Kushiel's Dart[1]

Camlach is the easternmost province of Terre d'Ange. It was founded by Camael. Camaelines are a hardy and fierce people. They frequently have to defend their province from Skaldi attacks. Because of this, it is commonly said that Camaelines think with their swords. No D'Angeline from Camlach has been made Royal Commander of the army in 600 years before Phèdre's time. The flag of Camlach consists of a flaming sword on a black field.


Camlach is rocky, cold and mountainous. There are several forts along the Skaldi border. The Camaeline mountains form a protective barrier between Camlach and Skaldia, which is located to the east. There are only a few passes through the mountains. Camlach also shares a border with Caerdicca Unitas to the south. The Flatlands are located north of the province, with the Rhenus River forming the border. Namarre and L'Agnace border Camlach to the west. There are no large cities there.

Trefoil, the village where Alcuin nó Delaunay was born, is located in Camlach.

Noble Houses[]

In Kushiel's Dart, Aiglemort is the ruling house of Camlach. After Isidore d'Aiglemort's treason and death in battle, Ysandre de la Courcel gave the duchy of Aiglemort to the Unforgiven. It is unknown if another house was raised to the position of ruler.

The Allies of Camlach, an organization of Camaeline nobles formed by Isidore, protected Camlach from Skaldi attacks. After the Skaldi invasion, the remnants of the Allies of Camlach became the Unforgiven, vowing to guard the borders forever as penance for following the traitor Isidore.

Other Camaeline houses include Eltoine, Bois-le-Garde, Ferraut, Montchapetre, Valliers and Basilisque.

Camaeline Characters[]

Real Life Counterparts[]

Camlach roughly corresponds to the real life provinces of Alsace, Lorraine, Franche-Comte and Rhone-Alpes in France.


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