Carthage is located in Northern Africa and is the equivalent of the ancient empire of Carthage. In the novels, Carthage too was once an empire, expanding at least to Aragonia. The empire invaded Tiberium but was defeated. People of Carthage speak Punic or Hellene and worship the goddess Tanit and god Bal-Hammon who desires blood sacrifice- occasionally human.

Carthage is an oligarchy ruled by the Council of Thirty. Known members of the Council of Thirty include:

  • Boodes of Hiram--an acquaintance of Ptolemy Solon and the oldest member of the Council of Thirty.

Imriel and Sidonie travel to Carthage in Kushiel's Mercy.

Notable Carthaginian CharactersEdit

General Astegal of House of Sarkal--Sidonie's first husband. Bewitched the City of Elua and invaded Aragonia.

Bodeshmun--Kinsman to Astegal. The Chief Horologist. Wrought the spell that entranced the City of Elua.