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Gentle Eisheth went to the southern coastal lands, which hold dreamers and sailors, healers and traders, as well as the thousand birds and wild cavaliers of the salt marshes. Her province is called Eisande, and it is the smallest of the seven. There are Tsingani who dwell there, and live unmolested.
Phèdre's narration, Kushiel's Dart[3]

Eisande is the southernmost province of Terre d'Ange. It was founded by Eisheth and contains the city of Marsilikos, one of the most important cities in Terre d'Ange. Eisandines are often gifted in music and storytelling. The finest chirurgeons are said to come from Eisande. Mendacants, traveling storytellers, hail from there. The province is also home to a large Tsingani population that is better-tolerated there than in the rest of Terre d'Ange.


Eisande is the smallest province. Its southern border is the ocean. To the north it is bordered by L'Agnace, to the west by Siovale and to the east by Caerdicca Unitas. The mouth of the Aviline River is located in Eisande. The river forms the border between Eisande and Siovale. Marsilikos is located in the western part of the province, on the coast. The city was founded by the Hellenes and was there when Blessed Elua and his Companions came to Terre d'Ange. It is a very important port and home to the Royal Fleet.

Noble Houses[]

Mereliot is the ruling house of Eisande. The ruler is always referred to as the Lady of Marsilikos. If there are only sons, the heir's wife will be called the Lady of Marsilikos and will share power with him. This tradition dates back to Eisheth herself, who was the first Lady of Marsilikos.

Other Eisandine noble houses are Eresse and Baphinol. Anafiel Delaunay's mother, Sarafiel Delaunay, was Eisandine.

Eisandine Characters[]

Real Life Counterparts[]

Eisande roughly corresponds to the real life provinces of Cote d'Azur and Provence in France.


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