Eisheth, one of Elua's Compaions, is known for giving humanity the healing arts, music and story. Many of the best healers and chirurgeons come from her province. She gave rise to Mendacants, or traveling storytellers. She was also said to have a fondness for sailor boys. She founded the territory of Eisande in the south of Terre d'Ange. Her priests and priestesses wear sea-blue robes. Healing offerings may be made in her temples.

Her symbol is two fish swimming in opposite directions. This is the arms of House Mereliot, the ruling house of Eisande. Because Eisheth was female, the head of House Mereliot is always female. She is called the Lady of Marsilikos.

The D'Angeline wedding ceremony involves the bride lighting a candle and saying a prayer to Eisheth to open the gates of her womb. Before then, a D'Angeline woman cannot conceive. Once this is done, it cannot be taken back.

Characters associated with EishethEdit

Roxanne de Mereliot--the Lady of Marsilikos.

House Mereliot- scions of Eisheth.

Lelahiah Valais- healer from Eisande. Aids Phèdre after Selig skins her. Aids Imriel during his madness.

In Moirin's TrilogyEdit

Eleanore de Mereliot- Lady of Marsilikos during Naamah's Kiss.

Raphael de Mereliot- Physician & member of the Circle of Shalomon, older brother of Eleanore de Mereliot

Laurentine de Mereliot- Lady of Marsilikos after the death of Eleanore

Marianne Prichard- Head Priestess of Eisheth in the City of Elua

Gemma Trisault- Priestess of Eisheth, royal nursemaid to Desiree de la Courcel


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