House Mereliot is the ruling house of Eisande. Its arms is a pair of gold fish, head-to-tail, on sea blue.

General InformationEdit

Because they are scions of Eisheth, members of House Mereliot are skilled at healing, music and storytelling. They are frequently very gifted at the healing arts, with some members becoming chirurgeons. Unlike the rest of Terre d'Ange where the oldest child inherits, House Mereliot gives preference to daughters in the line of inheritance. The head of House Mereliot is always female because Eisheth was female. She is referred to as both the Duchese de Mereliot and the Lady of Marsilikos. If there are no daughters, the heir's wife will be Lady of Marsilikos and will share power with him. Members of the house typically have dark hair and dark eyes.

The seat of House Mereliot is Marsilikos. Marsilikos is an extremely important port and perhaps the most important city of Terre d'Ange besides the City of Elua. House Mereliot lives in the Dome of the Lady. It is an impressive structure of white marble with a large golden dome surrounded by minarets. There is a legend that the golden dome can be seen far out to sea and has saved the lives of sailors during storms.


Roxanne de Mereliot—Lady of Marsilikos, Duchese de Mereliot.

Jeanne de Mereliot—Daughter of Roxanne, a trained chirurgeon. She sleeps with Imriel when he returns in Kushiel's Scion and helps him on his quest to Cythera in Kushiel's Mercy.

Gerard de Mereliot—Son of Roxanne

In Moirin's TrilogyEdit

Eleanore de Mereliot—Sister of Raphael, Lady of Marsilikos

Raphael de Mereliot—Older brother of the lady of Marsilikos, physician & member of the Circle of Shalomon

Laurentine de Mereliot—Lady of Marsilikos after the death of Eleanore

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