House Morhban is the ruling house of Kusheth. Its arms is a raven and the sea.

General InformationEdit

Morhban is Kushiel's lineage, although the Shahrizai claim they are an inferior, half-bred line. As a result, members of the house share many characteristics found in Kushelines, such as a sadistic streak and interest in sharper pleasures. They are attracted to anguissettes and vice versa.

House Morhban holds the Pointe d'Oeste, the westernmost point of Terre d'Ange. Their castle is located a short distance from it, on a rocky peninsula. It is an imposing structure, but it does not lack luxury and boasts an extensive garden.

Quincel de Morhban is the only member of House Morhban to appear in the books. Melisande brings Phèdre nó Delaunay to his Midwinter Masque on a velvet lead, intending to make a point to him about who should really be ruling Kusheth. Quincel is quite wary of the Shahrizai, especially Melisande. Later, he has an assignation with Phèdre in exchange for passage over his lands. He sits out the Skaldi invasion and turns Melisande over to the Queen's justice to prove his loyalty.


Quincel de Morhban—Duc de Morhban. Phèdre offers him an assignation in exchange for passage. After the Skaldi invasion he turns in Melisande, assisted by Marmion and Persia Shahrizai.

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