House Somerville is one of the most prominent noble families of L'Agnace. Its arms is an apple tree on a green field.

General InformationEdit

Members of House Somerville are scions of Anael. Due to this, they have an interest in farming and the care of the land. They tend to have blond hair and broad farmer's features. They are also characterized by smelling of apples when they feel strong emotion. They tend to be very capable soldiers as well, with both Percy and Ghislain serving as Royal Commander. The Somerville estates are located in L'Agnace, not far from the City of Elua and the Courcel hunting lodge. They have extensive apple orchards.

Prior to Kushiel's Chosen, the ruling house of L'Agnace was Chalasse. As a reward for their service in the Skaldi invasion, Ysandre raised House Somerville to lordship of the province. It is unknown if this remains after Percy's treason and Ghislain's disowning of his house.


Percy de Somerville—Comte, later Duc, de Somerville, Royal Commander in Dart and Chosen. He conspires with Benedicte and Melisande and is executed for treason.

Ghislain de Somerville—Son of Percy. He forsakes his house and becomes Ghislain no Trevalion as a result of his father's treason. He becomes Royal Commander after Barquiel is asked to step down. He is married to Bernadette de Trevalion and they have one son, Bertran.

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