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House Trevalion is the ruling house of Azzalle. Its arms is three ships and the Navigator's Star on a deep blue field.

General Information[]

Trevalion is an Azzallese house and its members are scions of Azza. As a result, they are often extremely proud. Because Azzalle occupies much of the northern coast of Terre d'Ange, House Trevalion has a substantial fleet. They also hold the Pointe des Soeurs, which is close enough to see the white cliffs of Alba. Members of the house typically have black hair and grey eyes.

House Trevalion fell into disgrace for a time due to the treasonous schemes of Lyonette de Trevalion and her son Baudoin. Although Marc and his daughter Bernadette played no part in the treason, they neglected to inform the King. The duchy of Trevalion was stripped from them and given to Percy de Somerville, who in turn gave it to his son Ghislain. During the Skaldi invasion, Marc de Trevalion was recalled from exile and a match between Bernadette and Ghislain was proposed. Marc's title was not restored; instead it was held in trust for the firstborn of Bernadette and Ghislain.

After Percy de Somerville's treason, Ghislain disowned his house and became formally adopted into House Trevalion. He then became known as Ghislain nó Trevalion.


de la Courcel
de Trevalion
de Trevalion
de Trevalion
de Trevalion
de Somerville
de Trevalion

Marc de Trevalion—Duc de Trevalion, husband of Lyonette de la Courcel. For his part in his wife's schemes, he is exiled. He is later recalled by Ysandre.

Gaspar Trevalion—Comte de Fourcay, cousin of Marc, close friend of Delaunay.

Baudoin de Trevalion—Son of Marc and Lyonette, Prince of the Blood. He is executed for treason after his plans are betrayed by Isidore d'Aiglemort and Melisande Shahrizai.

Bernadette de Trevalion—Sister of Baudoin, Princess of the Blood. She is married to Ghislain de Somerville. She attempts to kill Imriel during Kushiel's Scion.

Ghislain nó Trevalion—Disowns his house after his father's treason, becomes formally adopted into House Trevalion.

Bertran de Trevalion—Son of Bernadette and Ghislain.

Armande Trevalion—scion of House Trevalion in Moirin mac Fainche's time; disowned by his family for swearing and eternal lovers' oath to another nobleman instead of carrying on the bloodline

Mercer Trevalion—Comte de Fourcay in Moirin's time

Claire Fourcay—member of the Circle of Shalomon and Mercer Trevalion's niece

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