Even so had Kushiel cared for the damned in his charge, when he was still the Punisher of God; he loved them so well they received pain as balm and begged not to leave him. So too it made Kushiel vulnerable, for the One God was displeased with him and would have cast him down. But he followed Blessed Elua, who said, love as thou wilt.
Phèdre's narration, Kushiel's Chosen[2]

Kushiel served as the punisher for the One God before he became one of Elua's Companions. He understood the pain and chastisement he gave his subjects was an act of love, and his subjects came to love him for it. When the sinners in his care were offered a chance to repent, they refused out of love for him. He chose to join Elua because he felt that Elua understood what he did.

Kushiel founded the territory of Kusheth along the north coast of Terre d'Ange.

Kushiel's priests and priestesses wear bronze masks and black robes, completely concealing their identities. Temples are intimidating places where worshippers come for atonement. Atoners are typically flogged before the altar by a priest and have their wounds cleansed with salt water. Statues of Kushiel are frequently bronze and depict him with crossed arms, holding the rod and flail. Mandrake House and Valerian House both have temples of Kushiel as well as temples of Naamah. There is a temple of Kushiel located on the Pointe d'Oeste.

Kushiel will mark a mortal as his own with a red mote in their eye. This is known as Kushiel's Dart. The chosen mortals are called anguissettes and take pleasure from pain. Their purpose is to provide a balance to the world. Prior to Phèdre nó Delaunay de Montrève, there had not been an anguissette in living memory. A D'Angeline who kills an anguissette will be tourmented in hell for a thousand years. If they are a Kusheline, it will be ten thousand years.

Characters associated with KushielEdit

Phèdre nó Delaunay de Montrève—an anguissette.

Iriel de Fiscarde—The anguissette before Phèdre, married a Kusheline Duc to avert a war between their houses

Mara—Daughter of Naamah & a condemned murderer, handmaid of Kushiel, said to be the first anguissette

Quincel de Morhban—a member of the ruling family of Kusheth.

Melisande Shahrizai—scion of Kushiel.

House Shahrizai—scions of Kushiel.

House L'Envers—has Kusheline blood despite being a Namarrese house.

Michel Nevers—Priest of Kushiel who Phèdre speaks to in Kushiel's Avatar.


  1. Kushiel's Avatar, "Chapter 3" — Yeshuites claim the others followed Elua out of arrogance, defying the One God's rule; Naamah for desire, Azza for pride, Shemhazai, for cleverness' sake, and so forth. Kushiel, who marked me for his own, was once a punisher of the damned; it is said he loved his charges too well.
  2. Kushiel's Chosen, "Chapter 45"
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