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Kushiel's Justice is the second book in the Imriel Trilogy. In this book Imriel nó Montrève de la Courcel goes to Alba to wed Dorelei mab Breidaia, while having to deal with his sudden love for Sidonie de la Courcel

Publisher's summary[]

Imriel de la Courcel's birth parents are history's most reviled traitors, while his adoptive parents, Phèdre and Joscelin, are Terre d'Ange's greatest champions. Stolen, tortured, and enslaved as a young boy, Imriel is now a Prince of the Blood, third in line for the throne in a land that revels in beauty, art, and desire.

After a year abroad to study at university, Imriel returns from his adventures a little older and somewhat wiser. But perhaps not wise enough. What was once a mere spark of interest between himself and his cousin Sidonie now ignites into a white-hot blaze. But from commoner to peer, the whole realm would recoil from any alliance between Sidonie, heir to the throne, and Imriel, who bears the stigma of his mother's misdeeds and betrayals. Praying that their passion will peak and fade, Imriel and Sidonie embark on an intense, secret affair.

Blessed Elua founded Terre d'Ange and bestowed one simple precept to guide his people, love as thou wilt. When duty calls, Imriel honors his role as a member of the royal family by leaving to marry a lovely, if merely sweet, Alban princess. By choosing duty over love, Imriel and Sidonie may have unwittingly trespassed against Elua's law. But when dark powers in Alba, who fear an invasion by Terre d'Ange, seek to use the lovers' passion to bind Imriel, the gods themselves take notice.

Before the end, Kushiel's justice will be felt in heaven and on earth.

Cover gallery[]


House Montrève
Phèdre nó Delaunay de Montrève—Comtesse de Montrève
Joscelin Verreuil— Phèdre's consort; Cassiline Brother (Siovale)
Imriel nó Montrève de la Courcel— Phèdre's foster-son (also member of the Royal family)
Gilot (deceased), Hugues— men-at-arms
Eugènie— mistress of the household, townhouse
Clory—niece of Eugenie
Benoit—stable-lad, townhouse

Members of the D'Angeline Royal Family
Ysandre de la Courcel—Queen of Terre d'Ange; wed to Drustan mab Necthana
Sidonie de la Courcel—elder daughter of Ysandre; heir to Terre d'Ange
Alais de la Courcel—younger daughter of Ysandre
Imriel nó Montrève de la Courcel— cousin; son of Benedicte de la Courcel (deceased) and Melisande Shahrizai
Barquiel L'Envers—uncle of Ysandre; Royal Commander; Duc L'Envers (Namarre)

House Shahrizai
Melisande Shahrizai—mother of Imriel; wed to Benedicte de la Courcel (deceased)
Faragon Shahrizai—Duc de Shahrizai
Mavros, Roshana, Baptiste Shahrizai—cousins of Imriel

Members of the Royal Court
Ghislain nó Trevalion—noble; Royal Commander; son of Percy de Somerville (deceased)
Bernadette de Trevalion—noble, wed to Ghislain, sister of Baudoin (deceased)
Bertran de Trevalion—son of Ghislain and Bernadette
Amaury Trente—noble, former Commander of the Queen's Guard
Julien and Colette Trente—children of Amaury
Nicola L'Envers y Aragon—cousin of Queen Ysandre; wed to Ramiro Zornín de Aragon
Raul L'Envers y Aragon—son of Nicola and Ramiro
Marguerite Lafons—Marquise de Lafoneuil
Childric d'Essoms—ambassador to Ephesium
Maslin de Lombelon—lieutenant in the Dauphine's Guard

The Night Court
Agnés Ramel—Second of Alyssum House
Mignon—adept of Alyssum
Janelle nó Bryony—Dowayne of Bryony House
Simon nó Eglantine—adept of Eglantine House

Drustan mab Necthana—Cruarch of Alba; wed to Ysandre de la Courcel
Breidaia—Sister of Drustan, daughter of Necthana
Talorcan—son of Breidaia
Dorelei—daughter of Breidaia
Sibeal—sister of Drustan, daughter of Necthana, wed to Hyacinthe
Hyacinthe—Master of the Straits, wed to Sibeal
Firdha—Cruithne ollamh
Galanna, Donal—children of Sibeal and Hyacinthe
Grainne mac Conor—Lady of the Dalriada
Eamonn mac Grainne, Mairead, Brennan, Caolinn, Conor—Lady Grainne's children
Brigitta—Skaldic wife of Eamonn
Aodhan—Dalriadan ollamh
Urist—commander of the garrison of Clunderry
Kinadius, Deordivus, Uven, Cailan, Domnach, Selwin, Brun—members of Clunderry's garrison
Morwen, Ferghus, Berlik—magicians of the Maguin Dhonn
Kinada, Kerys, Trevedic, Murghan, Hoel, Cluna—folk of Clunderry
Leodan mab Nonna—lord of Briclaedh
Nehailah Ansout—priestess of Elua
Girard—D'Angeline chirurgeon
Corcan—captain of the Cruarch's flagship

Adelmar of the Frisii—Ruler of Maarten's Crossing
Yoel—Yeshuite pilgrim
Ortwin—harbor-master of Norstock
Ditmarus and Ermegart—members of the Unseen Guild

Iosef—trade-ship's captain
Ravi, Yuri, Ruslan—sailors
Micah ben Ximon—commander of the Vralian army
Tadeuz Vral—Grand Prince of Vralia
Fedor Vral—Tadeuz' brother; rebel
Ethan and Galia of Ommsmeer, son Adam—Yeshuite pilgrims
Kebek—Tatar horse-thief
Avraham ben David—Rebbe of Miroslas
Skovik—seal-hunting boat's captain

Lelahiah Valai—Queen Ysandre's chirurgeon
Emile—Proprietor of the Cockerel
Quintilius Rousse—Royal Admiral, father of Eamonn
Favrielle nó Eglantine—couturiere
Bérèngere of Namarre—head of Naamah's Order
Amarante of Namarre—daughter of Bérèngere
Morit—woman of Saba, astronomer
Eleazar ben Enokh—Yeshuite mystic
Raphael Murain—priest of Naamah
Diokles Agallon—Ephesian ambassador; member of the Unseen Guild
Tibault de Toluard—Marquis de Toluard (Siovale)
Isembart—steward of the Shahrizai hunting manor
Lucius Tadius da Lucca—friend of Imriel's
Cladia Fulvia—Lucius' sister; member of the Unseen Guild
Domenico Martelli (deceased)—Duke of Valpetra
Canis (deceased)—member of the Unseen Guild; emissary of Melisande

Historical Figures
Benedicte de la Courcel (deceased)—great-uncle of Ysandre; Imriel's father
Baudoin de Trevalion (deceased)—cousin of Ysandre; executed for treason
Isidore d'Aiglemort (deceased)—noble; traitor turned hero (Camlach)
Waldemar Selig (deceased)—Skaldic warlord; invaded Terre d'Ange
Necthana (deceased)—mother of Drustan
The Marhkagir (deceased)—mad ruler of Drujan; lord of Darsšanga (sic)
Jagun (deceased)—the chief of the Kereyit Tatars
Gallus Tadius (deceased)—great-grandfather of Lucius
Cinhil Ru (deceased)—legendary leader of the Cruithne
Donnchadh (deceased)—legendary magician of the Maghuin Dhonn

Chapter Summaries[]


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