House Montrève is a noble house of Siovale. Its arms is quartered with a silver crescent moon in the upper right and a black mountain craig in the lower left on dark green. Later, Phèdre adds Delaunay's sheaf of grain and her own device of Kushiel's Dart to the arms.

General InformationEdit

Members of House Montrève are scions of Shemhazai and often show a love of knowledge and learning. If Anafiel Delaunay is any indication, they typically have red hair and grey eyes. During his youth Delaunay was disowned by his father, the Comte de Montrève, for refusing to marry and have children. His mother, Sarafiel Delaunay, took pity on him and gave him her name. After his father's death, Sarafiel inherited Montrève and passed it on to Delaunay's cousin Rufaille, but with a provision in her will that if Rufaille died without an heir, it would go to Delaunay. Rufaille dies at Troyes-le-Mont and Montrève passes to Phèdre, as the last living member of Delaunay's household.

The Montrève estate is located in the mountains of Siovale. It is quaint and elegant, with an extensive library and a small garden. There are occasional Eisandine touches, added by Delaunay's mother. A chief export of Montrève is wool from the many sheep to be found on the estate. Phèdre also maintains a townhouse in the City of Elua.


Anafiel Delaunay de Montrève- Phèdre's mentor and foster father, Consort of Prince Rolande. He is disowned by his father for tying himself to Rolande and refusing to produce heirs. His mother took pity on him and gave him her name. He dies after Isidore d'Aiglemort's men, sent to spy on him, botched their orders.

Rufaille de Montrève—Delaunay's cousin, dies at Troyes-le-Mont.

Phèdre nó Delaunay de Montrève—Inherits Montrève as Delaunay's adopted daughter.

Imriel nó Montrève de la Courcel—Formally adopted by Phèdre.