Naamah is the deity of sexuality and one of Elua's Companions.

She came to earth along with the other Companions when Elua was imprisoned in Persis. Naamah offered herself to the King in exchange for Elua's freedom. Each house of the Night Court has a different interpretation of why she did this. She lay with strangers in Bhodistan so Elua might eat. When they reached Terre d'Ange, she founded the province Namarre. There is a shrine dedicated to her there where the River Naamah rises from beneath the earth. All of her Servants make a pilgrimage there once in their lifetimes.[2]

Her priests and priestesses wear scarlet robes. Training as a priest or priestess requires one year of service where the acolyte is forbidden to turn anyone away who comes to him or her out of true longing. Naamah blesses the acolyte with desire for each patron. After this, they are free to take lovers and patrons as they wish.

The temple of Naamah in the City of Elua is a small building of white marble, surrounded by gardens. Inside is a statue of Naamah, who stands with her arms open in welcome. Doves are sacred to Naamah and may be brought as offerings. They are released in the temple and fly out through an opening in the roof. The doves roosting on the temple grounds remain unharmed. Each house of the Night Court has its own temple to Naamah.

Servants of Naamah engage in prostitution as a holy act. They may be a member of a house of the Night Court or they may work independently. They bear tattooed marques on their back, said to symbolize Naamah running her nails along the back of patrons who pleased her. It is blasphemous for anyone to be forced into Naamah's Service or forced to take assignations. Initiation into Naamah's Service is performed by a priest of Naamah and involves anointing with oil, eating a honey cake, drinking wine and releasing a dove.

She is known to have one mortal daughter named Mara. Mara's father was a man convicted of murder. She is believed to be the first anguissette.

Characters associated with NaamahEdit

House L'Envers is descended from Naamah and is the ruling house of Namarre.

The Court of Night-Blooming Flowers—Servants of Naamah

Phèdre nó Delaunay de Montrève'— Servant of Naamah.

Amarante—Priestess of Naamah. Taught Sidonie de la Courcel Naamah's arts.

Bérèngere of Namarre—High priestess of Naamah, mother of Amarante.

Raphael Murain nó Gentian‐Priest of Naamah, former Gentian adept.

In Moirin's TrilogyEdit

Noémie d'Etoile—Priestess of Naamah in the City of Elua

Phanuel Demarre—Priest of Naamah, descendant of Amarante, father of Moirin

Moirin mac Fainche—Scion of Naamah


  1. Kushiel's Avatar, "Chapter 3" — Yeshuites claim the others followed Elua out of arrogance, defying the One God's rule; Naamah for desire, Azza for pride, Shemhazai, for cleverness' sake, and so forth.
  2. Kushiel's Dart, "Chapter 8" — There is a shrine where the River Naamah arises from beneath the earth, and all her servants make a pilgrimage there within their lifetimes.
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