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Beneath the province of Azzalle is Namarre, where Naamah dwelt, and it is a place of many rivers, very beautiful and fruitful. There is a shrine where the River Naamah arises from beneath the earth, and all her servants make a pilgrimage there within their lifetimes.
Phèdre's narration, Kushiel's Dart[1]

Namarre is located in the center of Terre d'Ange. It was founded by Naamah. Her worship and priesthood is widespread throughout the province, with many Namarrese priests and priestesses. It also known for producing fine wines, particularly reds.


Namarre is very beautiful and fruitful, full of rivers and rolling hills. Many vineyards and orchards can be found in Namarre. Its wines are prized in all of Terre d'Ange and beyond. It is landlocked and shares no borders with other countries. Azzalle is located to the north, Kusheth to the west, L'Agnace to the south, and Camlach to the east. The River Naamah runs through the province, rising from a source in the earth. There is a shrine to Naamah there, and all of her Servants make a pilgrimage there during their lifetimes. Imriel's estate of Barthelme is in Namarre.

Namarre was hit hard during the Skaldi invasion. The Skaldi came through Camlach and attacked northeastern Namarre, burning, raping and pillaging. Several shrines and temples of Naamah were sacked during the war. The city of Troyes-le-Mont, where the final battle was fought and the Skaldi defeated, is located in Namarre.

Noble Houses[]

The ruling house of Namarre is L'Envers. Other Namarrese houses include Fhirze, Le Blanc, Le Doux, and Lafons.

Namarrese Characters[]

Real Life Counterparts[]

Namarre roughly corresponds to the real life provinces of the Loire Country and Burgundy in France.


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