Quincel de Morhban

First Appearance

Kushiel's Dart, chapter 35




House Morhban

Hair Color

Sandy Blond

Eye Color

Dark Grey

Quincel de Morhban is the sovereign Duc of Kusheth. He is constantly worried about the machinations of the Shahrizai, especially Melisande, as a result. He becomes one of Phèdre nó Delaunay's patrons.


Phèdre describes Quincel as a "lean wolf of a man." He has greying sandy hair and cold dark grey eyes.


Quincel appears in Kushiel's Dart and Kushiel's Chosen.

Quincel in Kushiel's DartEdit

Quincel's first appearance came when he held a Kusheline Midwinter Masque in the City of Elua. Melisande contracted Phèdre for this masque, with the intention of making a political statement about who should really be ruling Kusheth to Quincel. When she entered with Phèdre on a leash wearing a sheer dress, Phèdre caught Quincel's eye. He slid his hand up Phèdre's dress, momentarily distracting her until Melisande reclaimed her attention.

With Quintilius Rousse and his fleet wintering off the Pointe d'Oeste, Quincel decided it was in his interest to control access to the Royal Admiral. He and his men stop Phèdre, Joscelin and Hyacinthe when they are on their mission to reach Rousse. He rejected all their attempts at bargaining until Phèdre offered an assignation in exchange for free passage and no questions asked. He agreed to this and spent the night with Phèdre in his pleasure chamber. He gave her a black pearl ring that belonged to his mother as a patron gift. The next morning, Quincel kept up his end of the bargain and allowed them to continue to Quintilius Rousse.

Quincel stayed out of the Skaldi invasion, not having decided where his loyalties lay. He made up his mind at the end and apprehended Melisande with the aid of Persia and Marmion Shahrizai. He brought her to Troyes-le-Mont to face the Queen's justice to show his loyalty.

Quincel in Kushiel's ChosenEdit

Quincel made a brief appearance in Kushiel's Chosen, coming to the City of Elua as a result of Barquiel L'Envers' arrest of Marmion Shahrizai. He was present at Marmion's trial and exiled him for the role he played in his sister Persia's death.