Roxanne de Mereliot


Roxanne de Mereliot, Lady of Marsilikos & Duchese de Mereliot


D'Angeline (Eisandine)

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Jeanne de Mereliot, Gerard de Mereliot


House Mereliot

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Kushiel's Dart Chapter 58

Roxanne de Mereliot is the Duchese de Mereliot and the Lady of Marsilikos. She is one of the throne's most loyal subjects and a trusted ally of Phèdre nó Delaunay de Montrève.



Roxanne de Mereliot has been the Lady of Marsilikos and the Duchese de Mereliot for some time before the series, presumably succeeding her mother. As the Lady of Marsilikos she is a descendant of Eisheth. She has two children, her daughter and heir Jeanne de Mereliot and a son Gerard de Mereliot. By the time of Waldemar Selig's invasion she rarely spends time in the City of Elua.

Kushiel's DartEdit

After the death of Ganelon de la Courcel and Ysandre de la Courcel's ascension to the throne, Roxanne is summoned to a secret meeting of powerful and trusted peers of the realm where she is told of the impending Skaldic invasion. She informs Phèdre nó Delaunay of Anafiel Delaunay's Eisandine heritage and argues against Ysandre marrying the House of Aragon, pointing out that they will send aid regardless. Instead she proposes a marriage to Isidore d'Aiglemort to maintain his loyalty which is not supported.

After it is decided that Phèdre, Joscelin Verreuil, and Hyacinthe would travel to Alba disguised as travelling Tsingano, she and Thelesis de Mornay conceived the idea that Joscelin should pretend to be a Mendacant due to his light complexion.

During the invasion she sends aid to Ysandre at Troyes-le-Mont.

Kushiel's ChosenEdit

On her way to La Serenissima, Phèdre nó Delaunay de Montrève stays with the Duchese while she entertains Quintilius Rousse. Ysandre de la Courcel had informed her of Phèdre's plan to travel to La Serenissima in disgrace and she booked passage on the Darielle for Phèdre and her retainers. She hoped to have Rousse persuade Phèdre out of the plan but offered her aid nonetheless.

While a hostage of Kazan Atrabiades, Phèdre sent a letter to Roxanne asking her to pay her ransom, however the message was captured by men under the control of Marco Stregazza.

Phèdre sent another letter from Kriti to the Duchese informing her of Melisande Shahrizai's plot, bidding her to warn Barquiel L'Envers of Percy de Somerville's betrayal.


Roxanne is not a young woman but, as with many D'Angelines, she has retained her beauty. Her hair is coal-black with streaks of white and she smiles easily. Phèdre describes her brown eyes as being lit with "kindness and wisdom.