All knowledge is worth having.
Attributed to Shemhazai

Shemhazai, one of Elua's Companions, valued knowledge and taught D'Angelines their written language.[2] He founded the province of Siovale located in the southwest of Terre d'Ange and bordering Aragonia and Euskerria. His priests and priestesses wear gray robes. A placard in a temple located in Siovale says, "All knowledge is worth having." Some temples of Shemhazai feature mechanical statues of him.

Characters associated with ShemhazaiEdit

House Montrève—scions of Shemhazai

House Verreuil--scions of Shemhazai

House Rocaille—scions of Shemhazai

Tibault de Toluard—Marquis de Toluard, an avid Siovalese scholar.

In Moirin's Trilogy Edit

'Denis de Toluard—friend of Raphael de Mereliot, member of the Circle of Shalomon


  1. Kushiel's Avatar, "Chapter 3" — Yeshuites claim the others followed Elua out of arrogance, defying the One God's rule; Naamah for desire, Azza for pride, Shemhazai, for cleverness' sake, and so forth.
  2. Kushiel's Dart, "Chapter 42" — I do not laugh at this, for it was Shemhazai who taught the D'Angelines to write.
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