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Also to the south went Shemhazai, westerly to the mountainous borders of Aragonia, with whom our long peace still stands. Siovale is the name of this province, and it is a prosperous one with a great tradition for learning, for Shemhazai ever treasured knowledge.
Phèdre's narration, Kushiel's Dart[1]

Siovale is one of the southernmost provinces of Terre d'Ange. It was founded by Shemhazai. As such, Siovale is a center of learning, home to libraries and universities. Siovalese often value knowledge and invention. Noble houses in Siovale tend to keep to old traditions, such as sending middle sons to the Cassiline Brotherhood, more than the other provinces. There is at least one university dedicated to science in Siovale located in the holdings of the Comte de Rocaille.


Siovale shares a southern border with Aragonia and Euskerria, as of Kushiel's Mercy. It is bordered to the west and southeast by ocean. Eisande is located to the east and L'Agnace and Kusheth border Siovale to the north. It is very mountainous and features some spectacular scenery. Elua's sanctuary, where Imriel grew up, is located in Siovale.

Noble Houses[]

Siovalese noble houses include Albert, Montrève, Perigeux, Rocaille, Toluard and Verreuil.

The ruling house of Siovale is House de Perigeux (mentioned in the Battle of Troyes le Mont in Kushiel's Dart), but Rocaille and Toluard both appear to be prominent families.

Siovalese Characters[]

Real Life Counterparts[]

Siovale roughly corresponds to the real life provinces of Aquitaine, Midi-Pyrenees, and Languedoc in France.


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