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Skaldia is located in the same area as Germany, Poland, Austria, and the Czech Republic.


The Skaldic people came from several different tribes. These included the Vandalii, the Marsi, the Manni, the Gambrivii, the Suevi and the Frisii.


The Skaldic religion is based on Norse mythology. They worship the "Aesir," Odhinn, Freja, Baldur and the All-Father.

Notable Skaldic Characters[]

Waldemar Selig—invaded Terre d'Ange in Kushiel's Dart. Kept Phèdre nó Delaunay de Montrève and Joscelin Verreuil as slaves. In league with Melisande Shahrizai and Isidore d'Aiglemort.

Brigitta—a student with Imriel and Eamonn in Tiberium. Eamonn and Brigitta eventually marry.

Ditmarus and Ermegart of the Manni—husband and wife. Ruler of land to the south of Skaldia, along the border with Caerdicca Unitas . Ditmarus is a member of the Unseen Guild. He tried to persuade Imriel to use his influence in Terre d'Ange for the benefit of trade with the Manni.

Adelmar of the Frisii—ruler of Maarten's Crossing. He helped Imriel gain passage to Vralia but would not allow Imriel and the folk of Clunderry to pass through his land seeking to kill Berlik.

Places is Skaldia[]

Norstock—a port city on the Eastern Sea.

Maarten's Crossing—a city on the border with the Flatlands ruled by Adelmar of the Frisii