The Tatars are a nomadic tribe akin to the real world tribe of the same name. Tatars were found among the men who kept company with the Mahrkagir in Daršanga. In Kushiel's Avatar, Imriel nó Montrève de la Courcel was "given" to a Tatar warlord name Jagun who branded him with a Tatar letter. The scar later associated him with Tatar horse theives in Vralia and he was thrown in prison.

Prince Fedor, the brother of Tadeuz Vral, led a rebel group of Tatars who were chased down by Micah ben Ximon. Fedor managed to flee, and ben Ximon did not think it worth chasing him. But his followers were defeated and convered to the Yeshuite faith as part of the terms of their surrender.

The Tatars play a larger role in Naamah's Curse

Known TatarsEdit

Jagun—Leader of the Kereit Tatars. Companion of the Mahrkagir. He desired Imriel de la Courcel and the Mahrkagir thought to give the boy to him to seal their alliance.

Kebek—fellow prisoner with Imriel in the Vralian jail in Kushiel's Justice.

Arslan—A Tatar general possibly based on Genghis Khan. Father of Erdene, who was married to Bao. His name means "lion."

Erdene—A daughter of Arslan, wife of Bao. Her name means "jewel."