Thelesis de Mornay is the Queen's Poet. For reasons unknown, she was exiled on Alba and there composed The Exile's Lament. She was allowed to cross the straits by the Master of the Straits for a song. After she returned to Terre d'Ange, she had managed to find a way to communicate with those in Alba, though the communication stoped after Maelcon's revolt.

During the Bitterest Winter, Thelesis catches the illness that was plaguing the City of Elua. Though she recovers, it leaves her with a lingering cough. After her illness, Thelesis is sickly for the rest of her life time. She dies of a wasting illness shortly after Phèdre nó Delaunay de Montrève's return from Jebe-Barkal and is succeeded as Queen's Poet by her one time apprentice Gilles Lamiz.