The Unseen Guild is a loose network of spies said to have originated some place to the east of Terre d'Ange. There are factions within the Guild that may be at odds with other factions. They have certain symbols and phrases that can be used to identify members, such as the lamp. They send messages in a code by carving grooves around the edges of a letter or other flat object. One may receive Guild training but not join the Unseen Guild provided they promise to maintain the Guild's secrecy.

Known Guild membersEdit

Melisande Shahrizai—sought out the Guild after being told of its existence by Anafiel Delaunay.

Leander Maignard—trained by Melisande.

Sunjata—trained by Melisande.

Claudia Fulvia—trained Imriel nó Montrève de la Courcel.

Gillimas—of the House of Hiram in Carthage.

Gemelquart—prince of the House of Zinnrid of Carthage.

Diokles AgallonEphesian ambassador

Canis—in the service of Melisande. Sent to Tiberium to protect Imriel

Justina—trained by and in the service of Melisande in Aragonia.

Ptolomy DikaiosPharoah of Menekhet.

Ditmarus of the Mannia Skaldi seeking alliances and trade with the Flatlands and Vralia.

People who have received Guild training but chose not to joinEdit

Imriel de la Courcel—Like his mother, Imriel sought out the Guild in Tiberium. He was approached and trained by Claudia Fulvia but opted not to join.

Anafiel Delaunay de Montrève—Was trained by the Guild in Tiberium but chose not to join out of loyalty to Rolande de la Courcel. Trained by Maestro Gonzago de Escabares.

Ptolemy Solon—Received training from Ptolomy Dikaios, a kinsman of the Pharoah of Menekhet.