Vralia is the country that is the equivalent of Russia. though the borders are rather vague in the series. The people speak Rus or Habiru. During the events of the first Kushiel series many Yeshuites travel to Vralia, believing that it is meant to be their new homeland. The country was founded and ruled by Tadeuz Vral, who believes he was chosen by the Yeshuite god to found the country.

The nation is referred to as the Kingdom of Yeshua, and many Yeshuites have gathered there from all over the world by the time of the Imriel trilogy. The capital is Vralgrad, a small but impressive walled city located on the Volkov River. Imriel travels there in search of Berlik in Kushiel's Justice. There he is rescued by Maslin de Lombelon, who comes to like Vralia during his time there and chooses to stay for a while.

The people of Vralia are described as being darker than those of bordering northern countries.

In Naamah's Curse, we see that many parts of Vralia are populated with fundamentalist fanatical Yeshuites, among them Pyotr Rostov. We also see monumental temples depicting Yeshua as a warrior and conqueror, rather than the teacher and savior as he is in the old Yeshuite tradition.

Places of VraliaEdit

Vralgrad—the capital. Equivalent to Moscow.


Miroslas—a yeshiva.

Kargad—a village south of Vralgrad on the Ulsk River